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School Leaders Scotland

Welcome to the website for School Leaders Scotland. I hope you find on the site the information you are looking for. We have tried to include a range of information which I hope you will find helpful. The details for contacting officers are there if you need any other information.

It was very strange on the first day of a new term for the first time in forty years not to go into school. I do however look forward to this new challenge and phase in my career.

I consider it an honour and privilege to hold this position and to have the opportunity to represent and support school leaders across Scotland. Despite being involved with the Association over a number of years the learning curve over the summer has I assure you been steep.

It is a further honour to succeed Ken in the post although having such an act to follow is somewhat intimidating. Can I assure you from the outset that I am absolutely committed to the Association and to supporting school leadership and school leaders across the country. Education and supporting young people in their learning is I believe at both an exciting and critical time in our country and we as school leaders have a significant role to play in guiding the direction of travel.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time if you feel that I am able to support you either at a personal level or in addressing this challenge.

Jim Thewliss
General Secretary


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7 January 2015

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