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Information Session on PQA

By CPD, Further Education, Higher Education, information, Professional Learning, UCAS

The UK government is currently consulting about plans that could significantly change our young people who apply to universities both north and south of the border. SLS is holding an information webinar, chaired by Jim Thewliss, General Secretary on the Post Qualification Applications (PQA) proposals. It is vital that, if there are changes nobody will be disadvantaged. The proposed reform will change the way UCAS applications are completed and there would be knock-on effects for Scottish young people, staff and school calendars. The purpose of the webinar is to identify the advantages and disadvantages of PQA and to explore how a new system will affect Scotland’s educational system. A variety of invited speakers will highlight what they see as the headline issues of PQA, after which there will be an opportunity for questions and further discussion. Opinions expressed at the webinar will form the basis for the SLS response to the formal consultation and will be used in future discussions with Scottish Government Officials.

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This event is free to all SLS members