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On 12 December 2018 Scottish Government published its guidance document ‘Improving educational outcomes for children and young people from travelling cultures’, as a direct response to the very real concerns about the achievement of educational outcomes, and therefore life outcomes, by some Traveller children and young people. This guidance is designed to be a toolkit for schools, local authorities and a range of stakeholders such as health, social care and CLD, and indeed Traveller families themselves, to assist inclusive, flexible and meaningful learning pathways and experiences being adopted to support Traveller children, young people and their families.

 The draft document was developed by a Working Group chaired by a member of the Scottish Government’s Learning Directorate and was then revised to take account of stakeholder consultation. The final guidance provides contextual information, data, examples of good practice, advice and support, quotes, links to HGIOS4, reflective/challenge questions, and numerous signposts to policy and legislation. Elements of it can also be used to support learners who have experienced interrupted learning for a range of reasons e.g. Syrian refugees.

 You can access the document using the following link